To inquire about and/or register for a class, please call 330-334-3200.


Gym Policies


We understand that there may be a time that you must withdraw your child from PowerHouse Gymnastics and Cheer.  To formally withdraw, you must fill out our Membership Cancellation Form by the Third week of the month.  These forms are available at the front desk.  Please know that you will be billed for all scheduled classes until a written notice is received.  By informing us that your child will be discontinuing their class, it enables a child from our waiting list to get into our program.

Make-Up Classes

One make-up class will be allowed each month.  Make-ups are a courtesy and will be offered when doing so does not jeopardize the safety or integrity of the class.  We reserve the right to refuse to offer a make-up if you have not paid by the 10th of the month.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, DISCOUNTS OR PRORATES IF THE STUDENT IS ABSENT, except for Medical conditions (see below).


Must be validated by a physician's statement and a family credit will be issued with the prorated amount based upon the date we RECEIVE THE WRITTEN STATEMENT (retroactive requests cannot be granted, as it eliminates the opportunity to fill the vacated spot).

Snow Days

As we serve many different school systems, near and far, we do NOT follow the closing decisions of any particular school system.  Please call and listen for a recorded message.  If the classes are cancelled due to weather, it is the student's responsibility to schedule a make-up.


Girls should wear a leotard, hair pulled back and no jewelry.  Boys should wear shorts or sweat pants and a tucked in shirt.  Bare feet are best!


Payment Procedures

Registration and Enrollment

There is an ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE of $38.00 per child or $64 per family (includes tax).  This registration fee is due upon your initial registration and on your anniversary date, thereafter.  The registration fee is non-refundable and must be paid at the time of enrollment along with the first month's tuition.  When joining after the first week of class, only the class tuition is prorated.

Monthly Tuition

Tuition payments are due by the 10th of each month.  A $10.00 late fee will be charged if not paid by that date.  A $15.00 late fee will be assessed if not paid by the 20th of each month.  When more than one immediate family member is enrolled at the same time, ONLY the most expensive tuition in your family pays full fare; ALL lesser tuition are discounted by 10% and 15%.  This does NOT include the annual registration fee.  We accept cash or checks.

Class Length Cost for 1 Child
Parent Tot $50.00
45 minutes $60.00
1 hour $70.00
1 hour 30 minutes $80.00
2 hours $100.00


Returned Checks

In the event your check is returned as NSF your checking account will automatically be charged for the amount of the check plus a processing fee of $30.00.


Dropping/Changing Classes after a session begins


No problem... Tuition will be prorated.


We will gladly accommodate class change requests as long as a vacancy exists.


No refunds or credits will be given for dropping a class.  Once a Session has commenced, you are in for the Session, regardless of attendance, except for Medical conditions.